What is the Fire Department auxiliary?

A fire department auxiliary is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide invaluable support and assistance to the main fire department. Comprised of community members passionate about firefighting and public safety, auxiliaries take on non-operational tasks that enhance the effectiveness of the fire department. These tasks can include community outreach, fundraising, administrative support, logistics management, training and drills, and non-emergency assistance. By relieving firefighters of non-operational responsibilities, fire department auxiliaries help ensure that the department can focus on its core mission of emergency response and firefighting, ultimately making the community safer.

Ways to Contribute

  1. 1. Community outreach: Auxiliary members can engage in public education initiatives, conducting fire safety presentations and distributing educational materials in the community.

  2. 2. Fundraising: They can organize and participate in fundraising events to support the fire department, such as charity drives, donation campaigns, or community events.

  3. 3. Administrative support: Auxiliaries can assist with administrative tasks, including record-keeping, data entry, organizing paperwork, and managing department schedules.

  4. 4. Logistics and supply management: Can help with inventory management, equipment maintenance, and organizing supplies needed for emergency response.

  5. 5. Training and drills: Auxiliary members can participate in training exercises and drills alongside the fire department, allowing them to develop skills and be better prepared for emergencies.

  6. 6. Rehab services: During prolonged incidents or emergencies, auxiliaries can provide support by setting up rehab areas, offering hydration and rest facilities for firefighters and other first responders.

  7. 7. Community events: Can represent the fire department at community events, parades, or public gatherings, promoting fire safety and fostering positive relationships with the public.

  8. 8. Non-emergency assistance: Auxiliaries can assist with non-emergency tasks such as fire station maintenance, vehicle cleaning, or organizing equipment.

  9. 9. Emergency Response: Bringing equipment to the scene with valid EVOC certification and provided they have been signed off.

  10. 10. Emergency incident: Auxiliary members who have achieved Vol FF, FF1, or EMT/EMR certification will be permitted to participate in incident runs, provided they have been signed off.

Requirements to Join

  • 18 years of age
  • No active warrants or felonies
  • Clean driving record
  • Can attend required meetings and trainings
  • Live within 20 minutes of 117 Franklin St, Convoy, OH 45832

Training Topics

  • First Aid / CPR ( American Heart Certified )
  • Communications
  • Scene awareness
  • EVOC ( Emergency Vehicle Operators course )
  • NIMS 100 & 700 ( National Incident Management System)
  • Possibility of future certifications such as Vol FF, FF1, EMT/EMR

Other Notes

  • Added to villages liability and workmans comps insurance
  • Will follow the by-laws of the Convoy Fire & EMS association based on certification level

How to Join

Click Here to apply.